About Me

Hi! I'm Cherrey Mae from Cebu, Philippines.  You are about to peer inside a world that becomes my solace amid the ups and downs of life and my joy in the simplicity of everyday living.

Why Eclectic Me

According to the Eclectic Theory of personality, no one theory of personality can encompass each and every person. The mind is not like a mathematic formula that will react in a certain way given a certain stimulus. The mind is much more complex and cannot easily be understood. I believe I hold this kind of eclecticism.  
Eclecticism was first recorded to have been practiced by a group of ancient Greek and Roman philosophers who attached themselves to no real system but selected from existing philosophical beliefs those doctrines that seemed most reasonable to them. 
Out of this collected material, they constructed their new system of philosophy. The term comes from the Greek eklektikos , literally "choosing the best" and that from eklektos , "picked out, select." Source:  Wikipedia

A little bit more personal with an INFJ and a Gemini 

I don't know if this belongs to another correlation and causation debate with eclecticism and being an INFJ - Gemini combo. This is not to romanticize this personality combination, but if you are both you can understand the unique struggles that come with being an INFJ even more so being a Gemini. By the way, I'm a minimalist for 2 years now. 

A geek in a lot of things 

I am a lover of knowledge. I am fond of philosophy, psychology, history, astronomy, and the science of things. On the other side of the spectrum, I am also interested in Chinese metaphysics like Bazi and feng shui.
Traveling gives me the practical experience of the things I've learned from reading. When I travel, I feel like I got transported inside the books I've read.
Food is impossible to miss and impossible not to love. Cooking allows me to translate my love for food, science, and travel.
Check out my food and cooking blog to find out why that is.

The world beyond words

It must be common for writers to also be readers. Books were the only way I could grasp how the world is so much bigger and that there were myriad of knowledge I have yet to learn. There were those lives and stories of people from different timelines and different places which I only came to know from books. 
The hours in a day are no longer enough for a high-functioning adult to indulge in this much of fiction-reading anymore. Reading still takes up so much in my day, but they are usually self-help e-mails and newsletters I'm subscribed to. 
I am reading more non-fiction books now. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is the book that helped me survive 2017.

Warm and cozy with a furbaby

I am a fur-mommy of a 6-year old cat named   Mathilda  who I rescued as an orphaned kitten. I consider this lovable cat as my little angel and as what Eckhart Tolle says, a guardian of being. 
Mathilda, my white calico rescue cat
I used to consider myself a coffee addict but after I noticed it affected my mood and could aggravate emotional struggles, I decided to drop coffee intake. I have been coffee-free for almost three years now. I found a new love with Thai milk tea. A little more caffeine, or less rather, will not hurt.

Introvert's life in business and sales

I currently co-own and run a small real estate firm. I don't want to elaborate much of my professional life in this blog, but you can learn more about that side of me by going to my business development and professional website .

This blog through the years

This blog, which is still on the same blogging platform, is currently in its decade of revival.

2010 logo of 110mb-hosted Eclectic Me blog

I have been blogging for as long as I can remember - the raw days of blogging at the start of the year 2000 when it was more personal, more intentional. I've surpassed Xanga and Multiply, two discontinued blogging platforms, of which the former would've been 19 years old now. And if Dear Diary counts, then I say - the comfort of writing has been with me for most of my life. 
Although I do not intend to write like my old, young 13-year old self would, leaving no detail untouched; spilling every experience and emotions up to the level that should've been left undisclosed.

Now in my 30's, I still intend to make this blog raw and unintentional but I can not promise to leave some information unfiltered especially for privacy purposes.

Some of the old posts you see in this blog dating as far back as 2009 are posts from my old blog hosted in a discontinued free web host I already lost access to. They are already archived on the Internet and are no longer indexed by Google. Unfortunately, some of the photos from these posts were not archived and copies were lost in the process.

Looking back on these old blogs, I can say that our experiences allow a part of us to grow and tell a different story and see a different perspective. A part of me is no longer the same person I was years ago, yet a big chunk of who I am is still the same.

I plan to make this blog, not just a creative outlet, but a place where other content creators old or new, fellow INFJ and Gemini, or anyone who connects to my blog - can join me in the journey of storytelling, self-expression, and life's epiphanies.

Let's connect, contact me at contact@cherreymae.com


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