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It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Relationship and Way of Revealing

Saturday, October 31, 2020

When you tried to be strong for a long time that you evade any sign of vulnerability, it gets so hard to pause and accept that you can feel these things as hard as you avoid them. 

You mourn a relationship that ended. But you don't allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to heed against what your mind tells what is best for you. You get to the point of wanting to listen that things can still work and that you can start all over again. 

Disappointment and heartache are like what Heidegger says about the essence of technology and its way of revealing. (I am such a geek so pardon my analogy.) They reveal our intention and our values in that given time. Relationships between two people reveals what we can do and what we can't do for each other; and whether you can do what else needs to be done for the survival of the relationship. 

We allow spirituality and our logic to surrender in futility, just because it is the rational thing to do. Sometimes that too can get exhausting - it's like you want your emotions to tell you that you do feel something. That you can mourn and feel the sadness because at one point you hoped and you wished that you finally found the one.

Unbreaking the ribbon that bound you to the person you once hoped to be the one, you are now free to walk to a new path no matter how uncertain what the future will hold for you. 

Will you still allow yourself to hope and wish for the right one? Will you take each day one step at a time? Will you let yourself be vulnerable again?

Brave one, be proud for your heart wants to love people the right way. Do not apologize if the love you think you deserve cannot yet be revealed. Because the love you deserve is asking the same thing. Both of you are trying to make sense of all the demons  and you have to fight them before you can find each other.

Darling, the one who deserves you will meet you in the ways you can never imagine.

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