[TRAVEL] Spelunking and Zipline in Ugong Rock, Puerto Princesa

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ugong Rock spelunking Palawan

We were bound for Puerto Princesa Underground River on the fourth day of this Palawan trip. As we were making our way to the underground river, our tour guide gave us an option to try Ugong Rock. She got tipped that it was open for that day. My friends and I were up to adventure so we decided to give it a try. I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy it because Ugong Rock wasn’t included in our itinerary nor was I even aware of such a place existed.

Ugong Rock Puerto Princesa Palawan

From afar, Ugong Rock looked just like a mound of rock with specks of vegetation around it. It didn’t look so exciting from a distance. It was also located near a ricefield so who would’ve thought something spectacular was waiting for us.

We stayed for a few minutes inside a kubo with other tourists and foreigners. We were required to register our names at the entrance. We also paid 450 to experience both spelunking and zipline. We proceeded to the next hut where we had to put on gloves and helmet. We were also given towels to wipe our sweat off for later.

Ugong Rock spelunking Palawan itinerary

A passageway was carved at the base of Ugong Rock which opens a channel from and out to the other side of the cave. It is an 8ft or 10ft stretch to the other side. You can actually see the light shining through the crevices at the top and also from the exit. It still amazes me how nature carved the sides of that channel.

The complicated part of spelunking was climbing or rappelling our way to the top. We had to squeeze ourselves in small gaps, climb and push ourselves up. The gloves and helmet were in fact necessary. This activity got us really perspiring. The face towel came in handy too!

Ugong Rock Puerto Princesa Palawan

There were exquisite rock formations inside Ugong Rock. We were told to tap on other formations to hear a resonating hum, where “Ugong” got its name from.

The only way down or out of the cave for tourists is to get on a zipline. A view deck was propped on top of Ugong Rock. That’s also where the zipline starts. You can also enjoy a 180-degree view of the other limestone formation including a view of Saint Paul Mountain where Puerto Princesa Underground River is carved underneath.

The zipline was steep that the ride slides down fast to the other end. You’ll pass through a rice field on your way down. According to our guide, a dispute on the air space causes the zipline to be closed at times.

Ugong Rock spelunking Palawan

Our van waited for us on the other side. Our lively tour guide got ahead of us via the zipline so she could take our pictures while each of us was gliding down to that same end.

I enjoyed the spelunking a lot. The zipline was quite fun too. I’m glad we tried Ugong Rock. I think tourists should also include that in their itinerary.

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