[TRAVEL] Crystal Cove Island Boracay – Where’s Captain Jack Sparrow?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Crystal Cove or Tiguatian Island Boracay Panay

Crystal Cove Island is a 2.5-hectare island off the coast of Boracay Island, Philippines. Crystal Cove was once called Tiguatian Island. We were in the middle of our island hopping tour from Boracay when we were sailing towards a group of little islands in their best shapes with emerald coats of lush vegetation. Then right in front of us an island loomed from the distance while our rented banca careened and rested its hull on to the island’s white sand beach. The white sand beach served as the docking area where right across it was the entrance to this paradise.

We paid Php200 (4USD - 5USD) to their staff who were almost concealed with dried weeping barks and vines that covered the small hut they were in. The entrance made me feel like Captain Jack Sparrow would greet us somewhere on the island with an empty bottle of rum.

Crystal Cove Boracay Itinerary

No Captain Jack Sparrow was waiting inside the gates. The resort area reminded me of a semi-isolated island in Thailand. I haven’t been to Thailand but I was just reminded of what I might have seen in movies or pictures all together. It seemed like we were the only tourist on the island at that time, the rest looked like staff and caretakers. There was a pond with water lilies and a small wooden bridge across it. There was also a small statue of a decorated elephant.

The highlights of this island were the caves and the jagged terrain. I could see how the thriving flora on the island has grown out from the little crevices in between rocks stretching towards the opposite tips of the island. The entire island looked like a huge rock coral to me.

Crystal Cove Island Boracay Itinerary

The water splashing towards the rocks and chirping of the birds was the only sound of nature that could break the silence in this place. It’s the best place to just zone out and think about nothing at all. I had my share of zoning out ‘moments’ while I was taking photographs in its nooks and crannies.

There is a viewing area with a merlon design that reminded me of the Middle Ages. The entire thing made me feel like I was somewhere in Ireland.

We had navigated the entire length of the island. We went to the two caves on the island where we had to get down a hole then down to a ladder. We set foot in a hidden cove or more like a cave with surf slapping wildly towards its rocky inlets.

snorkeling in Crystal Cove or Tiguatian Island Boracay

To get to another inlet, we passed over scaffolds and bridges made of bamboo. This time we actually had to crawl through a tunnel with rock walls and sandy floor.

To finally enjoy the water after all those cave sight-seeing, we decided to go snorkeling. It was a breath-taking experience to be surrounded by beautiful islets in crystal clear water.

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