[MOVIE REVIEW] Ghajini, Entertaining Amid the Logical Maladies

Sunday, April 17, 2011

ghajini bollywood movie review

This is the third Bollywood film that I have watched, and the second that I’ve watched recently. The 3 Idiots starred by Aamir Khan lead me to check if this movie would vie the same praise from me. The 3 Idiots personally became my favorite. I think it was the best movie that I’ve seen in a while. So I was getting that kick to have more of Bollywood.

I loved the movie Ghajini for some reason. On the other hand, I will critique the weak points about this movie that need to be addressed.


The love affair between Sanjay and Kalpana is unique, priceless in its innocence and ironically, true despite all the facade. The comedy and series of things that lead Sanjay and Kalpana to fall in love with each other, is entertaining as it is heartwarming. Aamir Khan, the main man, saved the movie from a thin line between its success and an impending attack of the logical arguments by meticulous critiques. It's commendable that he had done so well even in those scenes that required minimal acting attention.


One character is awfully wrong. Sunita’s character caused a mishap between logic and sensibility. A medical student whose enthusiasm for the rare case of Sanjay’s anterograde amnesia went overboard. Sunita decides to sneak into Sanjay’s apartment and takes things she could use for no concrete reason whether it’ll be part of her medical study or she is simply curious. Either way, it is both illogical. It isn’t that realistic unless, Sunita is portrayed as a feisty, out-of-school mystery junkie known for crazy antics with gangs and the police. They could’ve found a better way to connect a bright medical student into the case.

The same, out-of-place character Sunita, took the matter into her own hands by snitching Sanjay to the wrong guy. Then, later in the movie, after reading the two journals she took from Sanjay’s and learning about the reason behind Sanjay’s killing spree, she went back and informed Sanjay about who is his ultimate person to kill, the wrong guy that Sunita snitched Sanjay for. Facilitating two dangerous men to meet, and expecting Sanjay not to go for the kill, when finally after all those years he found the man he was planning to kill in every 15 minutes of his remaining life, is no doubt idiotic.

The series of logical maladies bother me a lot. I assumed that the whole movie was created from a long list of scenes picked for a finale, rather than, a few major scenes picked out where minor scenes are made from. It felt like they came out with many falling out scenes to fit a 3-hour viewing.

Some fighting scenes looked like fake wrestling in WWE, that made you realize after being absorbed in the movie, that you’re just watching an act which is just a movie indeed.

Sanjay gets to kill Ghajini, and if that was the case Sunita would be an accessory to this murder even if she almost got killed herself. I am not sure if Indian criminal laws dissolve murder out of vengeance, or when a murder was committed by mental patient or brain-damaged patient. If it neither was the case, Sanjay shouldn’t be attending a birthday party of a kid from a children’s home named after his dead girlfriend nor was Sunita, attending the birthday event looking all glammed up.

Many of the minor characters and even the extras have poor acting.

Also, who arranged all those notes and reminders every 15 minutes for Sanjay? Who tattooed the names, addresses, and numbers of the people who killed his fiancee in his body?

The loopholes and logical maladies ruined the grandeur of this film. But putting all these details aside, I still enjoyed this Bollywood movie. Thank God, it’s the great Aamir Khan in there, one of the things why this movie weighed on the positive side among its many negatives. I still recommend everybody to watch this film. It’s quite entertaining. The whole love thing in this movie is!

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