Windows 7 Ready for Purchase by October 22, 2009 Replacing Vista

Monday, August 10, 2009

Windows 7, the slick, fast, and user-friendly successor to the much-maligned Windows Vista was offered to the public as beta release last January 9, 2009. I was one of the fortunate who got a hold of that free beta download. Although it only came to me as a copy from a co-worker, a couple of days after it was released for download, I heard positive feedback from those people who were able to download and use it on that same day it was released.

Windows 7 will offer better performance on underpowered machines such as netbooks, support for multi-touch interfaces, and simplified home networking.

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer said that this would be the "best version of Windows ever" and pointed out features that implicitly acknowledged the problems with Windows Vista.

Microsoft is looking forward to getting Windows 7 to people and replacing Vista, which has now become a pariah among Windows OS. Vista soon become short-lived after its release in 2007. The operating system didn't sit well with users due to newly implemented driver restrictions and security features.

Users were not the only group bugged by what seemed to be a Vista bug. Agents in the technical support department were bugged with irate calls as well. Being a Dell Technical Support at the onset when Vista was released, most of the calls I received were from angry customers wanting to return their systems back to Dell. Their computers were suddenly experiencing system issues after reloading their own applications in their computers with the Vista factory image.

Windows 7 has been widely anticipated since developers got the first glimpse of it at a Microsoft conference earlier this year.

These are the improvements and new features for Vista, according to Microsoft.

  1. Faster startup and shutdown times
  2. Lesser security alerts
  3. Better power management
  4. Taskbar updates
  5. animated desktop effects
  6. context-sensitive menus
  7. smarter desktop search tool

According to Microsoft, Vista will be svelte enough to run on a netbook with as little as 1GB of RAM and a 1GHz processor.
I’m currently using Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate), but by October 22, 2009, Windows 7 will be available for everyone to enjoy.

Excitement about the upcoming public release of Windows 7 is growing. The expectation of the adoption rate of Windows 7 is higher than what we saw with Windows Vista.
Below is the screenshot of my current desktop as of the writing of this blog. Take notice how an aero preview pops when you hover your cursor on the pinned IE icon on the taskbar. That is just one of the features from Windows 7 that I’d like to share with you all.

windows 7 screenshot

For more about Windows Vista features, please visit Microsoft.

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  1. I think the beta version will be way to different from the real version which they will be going to release. Just like windows vista, I downloaded a copy of the beta version but when the final version was released, it was totally a new thing. ahehehehehe I am waiting for this OS because it promises for faster boot-up.

    1. Hi James, how are you? Just trying to reconnect with everyone I was blogging with in 2009 haha.

  2. It really does boots up fast!...yes, I am looking forward to the release.. i wonder where the surprises will be.. :-)



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