Call Center Blunders: Thank you for calling Dell but your computer is Compaq

Sunday, August 09, 2009

I’ve been overloading this blog with topics on love and relationship. Work is one of the things that reminds me that I still have a life beyond all that. Let me share how my call center work life as a Dell technical support agent has been like for me lately. It can be frustrating, draining, and fun as in funny.

I just had this call today about an issue of a DVD drive not working. I was already getting a bit frustrated in the middle of the call because the client and I were not going anywhere to address the issue. I am still trying to look up his computer's purchase or ownership record with a Dell service tag information. I was still assisting him in finding his Dell service tag on his computer.

I have some handling time to control as a KPI metric, so I must not stay too long just looking up the records for his Dell service tag.

So here’s how our conversation went, at least how I remembered it.

Me: Thank you for calling Dell. How may I help you today?

Customer: Aaron’s gave me this number to call. It’s about my DVD disc you know.

Aaron, Inc. is one of the vendors of Dell for consumer computers and electronics.

Me: I see. May I know if you are you asking about the status of the dispatch of a Vista disc?

I assumed it was another Windows Vista issue. We've been getting barrage of calls for Vista-related issues.

Customer: No, it’s about my DVD disc. It’s not playing a DVD.

Me: Oh. You mean when you put a DVD disc in, your optical drive isn’t playing it? (I have to ask this obvious question to confirm that it's not a power issue.)

Customer: Yes yes.

Me: Don’t worry, I’ll be helping you out with that. Can I have the service tag of your computer please?

Customer: What is that?

Me: A service tag has 7 digits. It's alphanumeric and it ends with one.

Customer: Where can I find that?

Me: It’s located at the back of your Dell tower.

Customer: I have a laptop.

Me: That's alright. Please flip your portable over and you can find a service tag or express service code.

Customer: I can't find it.

Me: The service tag should be there sir. (I was a bit agitated at this point.)

Customer: It’s not there.

Me: Okay, we have to look it up in your BIOS. I am surprised why you can’t find the service tag sticker but let’s try checking it out somewhere else. Please restart or turn on your computer, and as soon as you see the Dell logo, keep tapping on F2.

Customer: F and 2?

Me: F2 sir. it’s just one key on your keyboard right above the number 2.

Customer: I can see something in a bluish greenish screen. System, Language.

I was now baffled why he was seeing ‘language’ in there?

Me: Did you see the service tag information?

Customer: No. I can’t see a service tag.

Me: You should be seeing a service tag Sir. May I know the model of your computer? Is it Inspiron, Latitude, or XPS?

Customer: I don’t know. It’s a company computer.

Now, he also doesn’t know what his computer is. This should be my last resort, the most basic.

Me: Okay sir, try looking up on the top of your keyboard. There should be something in there that tells you the model of your computer. What does it say?

Customer: Compaq?

Dang! No wonder!

Instead of getting totally angry as I couldn’t contain my laughter anymore, I had to put my Avaya phone on mute, laughed my heart out and then told the customer:

Me: Sorry sir but you actually reached Dell Technical Support. You have to call Compaq for technical support.

Well, that’s all. It has been a good shift!

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  1. Haha kalouy sad niya oi. Mao jud na problema sa mga non-techies. I can see you're about to lose your grip with him but still the ending is very funny... waah

  2. omg. what a waste of your time. Wa pa sya ka gets when you said the words Dell?

  3. Correct. The guy was really nice and he sounded really jumpy in the entire call.. Most of the time customers would sound really dominant but he sounded kind of freak out that he may break my chord anytime soon, which he actually did.. lol. But he was not a bad customer at all, because entirely he made me laugh. :-)



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